The International Wine Contest Bucharest 2008


 During the 8th -11th of May, the Romanian Vine Growers and Wine Makers Association (P.N.V.V.), the Romanian Authorised Wine Tasters Association (A.D.A.R.) and The Romanian Office of Vine and Wine (O.N.V.V.)  organise the fifth edition of the International Wine Contest in Bucharest. The Contest's venue is the Romanian Academy, 125 Victoriei Street.

This event is one of the few that have managed to keep their continuity, demonstrating therefore, its significance in the Romanian wine industry. The contest is held under the patronage of the International Office of Vine and Wine (O.I.V.), being one of the 18 international competitions which have this honour.

This Event has as main purpose the restructuring of the Romanian tradition in producing quality wines, offering a direct posibility for Romanian wine producers to compare their products with the international ones.

The official opening of the International Wine Contest will be held on the 8th of May, at the Scientists' Club of the Romanian Academy, at 9 Lahovari Place. A highlight of the evening will be the launch of the book “Romania- The Land of Wine”, authors PhD professor V.V. Cotea, renowed specialist of Romanian wine and Florin Andreescu, well-known photographer and editor. The project is sustained by the German Society for Technical Cooperation (GTZ), through its WBF programme. Another highlight of the evening will be the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Dacian Ciolos.

The International Wine Conest has as objectives:

·                    obtaining a specialised feedback on wine quality;

·                    using the Contest's brand as marketing tool for the awarded wines;

·                    determining the wine's compatibility degree with a certain market (in this case, Romania).

250 wine samples and 45 producers from 11 countries( South Africa, Australia, Bulgaria, Chile, Germany, Greece, Italy, Republic of Moldovia, New Zeeland, Spain, Uruguay), including Romania, registered in the Contest. This fact denotes the growing interest shown by wine producers everywhere in the testing of the potential of the Romanian market.

The jury, world-known personalities in the wine domain from Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, The Republic of Moldovia, Hungary and Romania, will taste the registered samples during the 9th and 10th of May, at the Romanian Academy, and will award approximately 80 gold and silver medals, according to the OIV rules and regulations.


Thanks to the exceptional quality of Romanian wines harvested and produced in 2007, these can obtain notable succeses in following competitions of the kind. In the previous year, Romania has produced about 2,5 mil hl wine  (fourth place in Europe after Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Portugal) from a 84.700 ha vine surface. The main objective of the Romanian viticultural sector is reconversion and restructuring of the grape sorts, as well as increasing the percentage of grape sorts for red wines. Starting with 2009, according to the Reform of the Common Wine Market Organisation, Romania will benefit from an annual budget of 42 mil. euros, whihc will mainly be directed towards the latter. A growth perdiction of more than 3000 ha per year has been made.

The partners and sponsors of the event are: The Romanian National Office for Wine Controlled Origin Denommination (ONDOV) and the German Society for Technical Cooperation (GTZ), as well as SC MAP-Maşini Agricole Performante SRL and SC Paolo Consult SRL.

             We wish to all participants the best of luck!

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