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Bucharest, the 7th of April 2009
The National Vineyard Growers and Wine producers’ Association (P.N.V.V) and the Romanian Authorized Wine-Tasters Association (A.D.A.R.), in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development organise, on the 7-10th of May 2009 the sixth edition of the International Wine Contest Bucharest 2009, at the Romanian Academy from Calea Victoriei no.125.
The Contest takes place under the patronage of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (O.I.V.), it being one of the sixteen international competitions which benefit from this status.
This event is one of the few which succeeded in earning organizational continuity in the last years, which demonstrates that it is one of the milestones of wine industry in Romania.
Our purpose is that through the International Wine Contest Bucharest 2009 we redefine Romanian tradition in producing quality wines, by offering to Romanian wine-makers and importers the possibility to directly compete in Bucharest.
The role of International Competitions is to position top quality wines, thus enhancing the consumer motivation in purchasing an awarded wine.
This year, about 200 wine samples from 32 Romanian and international producers and resellers (Argentine, Australia, Bulgaria, Chile, France, Germany, Spain, Hungary) are participating in the Contest, fact that demonstrates an increasing demand of foreign wine producers in testing the Romanian market potential.
The jury members are renowned specialists in the wine domain (Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary and Romania). Following the wine-tasting taking place at the Romanian Academy on the 8th and 9th of May, about 60 gold and silver medals will be awarded (a maximum of 60% of the total wine samples registered in the Contest, according to O.I.V. regulations).
Romania is situated on the fifth place in Europe as vine-growing surface, after Italy, Spain and Germany, having a total surface of 188.000 ha. The previous year, Romania produced 6.3 million wine hL of, out of which 3.2 million are obtained from noble varieties.
The main objectives of the Romanian vine and wine sector is the grape variety reconversion and restructuring and more than that, an increase in red grape cultivars; in 2009, following the Reform of the Common Wine Market, Romania has an annual of 42 million euros budget and the main destination for these funds will be to fulfil the objectives stated above.
The Official Opening of the International Wine Contest Bucharest 2009 will take place on Thursday, 7th of May, 19:00 at the Romanian Scientists Club of the Romanian Academy, from Piata Lahovari no.9. A Romanian wine tasting will also take place, with national wines already awarded in other International Wine Contests in the previous year.
The event sponsors are SC MAP – Masini Agricole Performante SRL, SC Paolo Consult SRL and New Holland Romania- NHR Agropartners; media partners: Flacãra magazine, Horeca, Bursa, Food&bar, Romanian Wine Art, Ferma and BRAVA television station.
Ovidiu Gheorghe
General Director PNVV
Order Stickers - International Wine Contest, Bucharest 2009